Corporate Culture

Our culture is at the heart of everything we do.

  • It is made real by how we work, communicate with each other, celebrate birthdays and solve problems. It embraces our traditions and rituals and our relationship with colleagues and customers. We encourage every employee to participate in the formation of our culture.
  • We hire people based on our culture. Technical skills are also very important for us, but future cooperation is possible only if there is a strong cultural fit. We work for our customers and our employees.

Our mission: Make our customers happy. To build the best company to work at in Ukraine.

Our vision: Become a big provider of IT service. Be the best place to work at in Ukraine.

Our culture is upheld by these 5 core values:

  • Proactivity

    We welcome people who take initiative and responsibility for their lives and actions.

  • Customers

    They are at the core of our business. Our goal is to make our customers happy and help develop their business to its full potential.

  • Changes

    Our company is growing rapidly, which is why changes are inevitable. We must easily adapt to changes.

  • Relationships

    We build open and honest relationships with colleagues and customers. We do not let artificial barriers in communication get in the way and we always speak our mind if there is something wrong.

  • Self-development

    Each of our employees has to grow both professionally and personally - this is a precondition of our successful cooperation.

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