• Written by Liudmyla Kyryliuk

    Technology tends to penetrate every sphere of human life. We are used to gadgets and information technology on an everyday basis. Technological development is an integral part of our work and leisure time. Although some time ago we associated technology with entertainment, for example, video games,

  • Written by Michael Pihosh

    Studio Ninja is a project management software for photographers created by Chris Garbacz, wedding photographer, and owner of Epic Photography and Yuan Wang, designer and founder of Yump digital agency. Mike: Hello, guys, my name is Michel Pihosh and this is the first Sombra

  • Written by Sergii Miakshynov

    Are you an entrepreneur who is considering about starting outsourcing with Upwork? We have collected all relevant information about the pros and cons of using the platform. Also, here you will find information about the hiring process and top-rated companies. What is Upwork? Upwork

  • Written by Liudmyla Kyryliuk

    Sombra was established in 2013, and since then we try hard to deliver the best quality to our customers. It is not just high words, but a fact we every day prove with our performance. In new research published by Clutch evaluated developers in Ukraine based

  • Written by Liudmyla Kyryliuk

    Choosing a software vendor can be a difficult task, especially for a startup. In modern tech era, having a nice, user-friendly, and fast app or site is half of the success. You don’t want to start your business with a bad software provider,, as