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At Sombra, we value our customers’ happiness and nothing make us happier than delivering quality software development-related solutions on time and on budget.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # December 3, 2018
Ukraine global innovation index
This year Ukraine has climbed to 43rd place in the ranking of innovative countries and jumped ahead of Post Soviet countries like Russia, Moldova, and Belarus. Ukraine moved seven steps up compared to the previous year, and more than 20 positions over the past three years.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 19, 2018
sombra on upwork
Sombra has been recognised as the best Lviv IT Agency 2017 on the freelance platform, Upwork. During the 2017 year, our сients highly evaluated the product quality, compliance with requirements, and our adherence to the deadlines.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # February 15, 2018
If you are searching for info about Lendit’s 2018 conference, you might know by now that this is the World’s biggest show in Lending and Fintech.
# Michael Pihosh # January 29, 2018
The 2017 year was both notable and challenging for Sombra. We completed another page of our company’s life and would like to share some successes and remarkable moments.
# Victor Chekh # December 29, 2017
sombra clutch rating
Sombra was established in 2013, and since then we try hard to deliver the best quality to our customers. It is not just high words, but a fact we every day prove with our performance.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # October 2, 2017