Why Should You Go to Lendit USA 2018?

Yana Troianska

January 29, 2018

If you are searching for info about Lendit’s 2018 conference, you might know by now that this is the World’s biggest show in Lending and Fintech. This event has attracted and gathered over 5,000 people in only four years of existence. Simultaneously, it has become one of the most significant events in the financial sphere, where members share their tricks, start new businesses, and establish useful connections.  Pretty impressive, huh?

You may be asking yourself, “Why is this Sombra firm writing such flattering things about Lendit, maybe they got paid for ads ?”.

We’d wish, but no. We are just some enthusiasts, like you, who are dying to attend this year’s meeting. So, we decided to share some useful info we found during our research. Here you have 4 main points making this year’s USA Lendit conference a must-visit for you and us.

LendIt USA 2018

High-level organization 

Every year, organizers accommodate the conference in different places. This is understandable due to its rapid attendance growth. The conference grew from 400 to 5,000 attendees. The event has always been held in A – class locations that could fit the entire crowd of participants, speakers, and guests. This year’s event will occur in San Francisco at the Moscone Center.

The previous year founders of Lendit presented an app that captures relevant information about timetables, agendas and attendee lists. Since last year, the app was improved and new features have emerged, such as creating a personalized event schedule and locating sponsors and exhibitors on the Expo Map.

The app adds additional value to the conference because it eases visitor attendance and provides a paperless experience. By the way, this app was developed by the San Francisco company, DoubleDutch. This company has created apps for PwC, AmericanExpress, and Shopify events, so, they know how to do it right. You can also use other privileges from the thought-through organization, such as VIP Meeting Concierge and Expo Hall Tours.

LendIt USA 2018

Diversified agenda 

If you are somehow tangent to the financial industry, you won’t be bored at the conference. This year’s agenda is not yet disclosed, but we can say that 8 topics from last year were narrowed into four main areas: Fintech, Blockchain, Digital Banking and Lending.

The full list of featured speakers has yet to be announced, but we can already recognize some main personalities from last year’s speakers list. The first one is the CEO of Lending Club, Scott Sanborn, who gave an inspiring speech about the past and future of Investing. This year Scott will probably be speaking at the Lending panel of the conference.

The second speaker we are already familiar with is Yihan Fang, the CEO Yirendai, the leading finance platform in China. Last year Yihan spoke about Fintech in China and where it will move. We assume that this April, you can meet Mrs. Fang at the Fintech panel.

In addition, we will have an opportunity to enjoy the speeches of such important people in the financial sector as the Director of Applied AI at Google or the financial journalist and New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.

The final list of featured speakers is still forming, so the management of Lendit 2018 USA has a chance to surprise us with some big names in the finance world.

LendIt USA 2018

Countless opportunities for networking 

It’s not likely this conference will change your life or even the way you think. Conferences rarely do that to people. But this is a great opportunity to expand your network and gain some useful connections inside your sphere. There are numerous stories of business opportunities emerging in the most unlikely places.

LendIt USA 2018

Statistics from the 2017 conference show that 29% of attendees were from the Fintech industry, 28% – Investors, 18% – Banks, 24% – Service providers. The biggest number of visitors came from Latin America(22%), (Canada 32%), New Zeland, and Australia (13,5%). If some of those categories fall within your target audience, most likely, you will come home with few business partners in your pocket.

As a bonus, you will get access to the Brella networking tool. It can help you streamline scheduling on-site meetings with attendees that can be your potential connections.

Specialized events

Besides the main conference, there also will be some additional events. One of them is a competition for Fintech startups called PitchIt. This event will cater to emerging talent in Fintech throughout the competition and will provide selected finalists with industry insights. An additional event is BlockFin which is about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and will be held during the Lendit USA. BlockFin enables to get to know more about the blockchain ecosystem, crypto companies, investors, and banks, as well as to get access to top innovators and experts in this field.

An entry ticket to Lendit gives you an opportunity to visit both events for free. Note that if you want to participate in the startup contest, you must fulfil the requirements.

We hope this modest research will help you benefit from the upcoming conference. If you have questions regarding the conference or other financial issues, don’t hesitate to contact us in the box down below.  Let’s meet from April 9th until the 11th in San Francisco.

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