Iuliia Nievierova
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Employer Brand manager

Sombra is looking for an Employer Brand manager who will actively help the company increase recognition in the labor market and attract new talent


• development and implementation of Employer Branding strategy
• planning and implementation of the company’s internal communications
• implementation of corporate programs and their promotion (Bonusly,
Hebron, student project, etc.)
• coordination of the Employer Brand team (2 people)
• organization of various events both inside and outside to promote the
company (job fairs, tech talks, meet-ups, company presentations,
conferences, etc.)
• development of the company’s social networks
• regular cooperation with the recruitment department to strengthen their
hiring strategy (referral program, help with job descriptions, advertising on
social networks, etc.)


• +3 years of experience in positions with similar functionality (IT field)
• experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies and
measuring their effectiveness
• ability and desire to work with several areas/projects simultaneously
• creative thinking, the ability to form and adapt ideas to internal needs
• successful experience in project management with the involvement of
stakeholders of different levels from start to finish

What we offer:
  • 50% cost compensation for attending courses and seminars on self-development;Сareer opportunities;
  • Internal University (Tech Communities (Front End, Back End, QA), leadership program, etc);
  • English training courses (twice per week+Communication Course, Grammar Course,
  • Emailing Course and of course practice with native speakers every week)
  • Paid time off (vacation days (18 working days) and sick days (10 working days));
  • Gym memberships or discounts (6000 UAH per year);
  • Wellness programs (participation in running marathons; health plan (vaccination, dental or vision plans, etc);
  • Corporate doctor;
  • Corporate events (travel talks, online parties);
  • Parental Leave.