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lawyers CRM

1 Senior developer / Architect

12 months

Java 8, Spring, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3, GWT

Management System for Lawyers

This is the startup implemented completely from scratch and led to production by Sombra. Сustomers wanted to help law companies in Ukraine to automate their processes and relay as much routine work to the web app as possible. So, lawyers could concentrate on their actual work.

Our goal

The main goal was to reduce the amount of routine work and automate all possible processes.


The first issue we encountered was security. We have to implement a certain level of security in order to protect sensitive data from stealing. Another challenging part was the quite complicated domain logic with a lot of interrelated objects which should clearly persist in the database and be correctly handled afterwards.



Our development team overcame security issue by following the best security practices outlined in OWASP.

Also, because of the relatively small budget, we worked with the project using Lean startup methodology. So, instead of detailed planning of all features beforehand, we implemented and reworked them (if necessary) throughout the development process.