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15 Back-End Developers
6 Front-End Developers
5 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Project Manager
1 Designer

3 years, still ongoing

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Angular 8, Bootstrap, RxJs, NgRx, MomentJs, Lodash, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, Prettier, husky

Portfolio Management Software for one of the top 15 banks in the world

Our team helped North American Bank to build an Investment Advisor Assistant. The application helps bank’s advisors to create mutual funds portfolio and analyze its quality, risks and profitability.

About the client

The Client is a North American Bank, one of the top 15 banks in the world by market capitalization. Bank employs financial advisors who provide services through a bank system. The advisor-strategists build customers’ financial portfolios based on their risk tolerance and personal preference. They also assist in managing funds and investments.

Project overview

The client needed a custom software project to automate advisors day-to-day activities. Our team along with bank development unit has delivered Fintech service for the banking system, where bank advisors are the major users.

The system is a complex integrated tool allowing financial advisors to build an investment portfolio, analyze it and share the result with the client.


The Sombra team was engaged in building architecture in accordance with the stakeholders’ requirements. We developed both front- and back-end and tested the investment advisor assistant application, which incorporated the following features required by advisors.

Main functionality:

  • generation of mutual fund portfolio for the customer
  • configuration of UI layout for the variability of portfolio visuals
  • detailed analysis of every fond in the portfolio
  • analysis of the whole portfolio 

Additional functionality

  • elaborate information with the risk-return ratio for portfolio returns evaluation
  • the fulfillment of customer demands according to short- and long-term investment 

Functions simplifying advisors’ day-to-day business activities:

  • shows information about regional managers
  • generate usable interactive web reports and static PDF report
  • send e-mails to the clients
  • displays comments about the quality of the compiled portfolio

Value delivered

Investment advisor assistant application consists of modelling, comparison, and analysis tools used daily by 1000+ investment advisors. The robust system allowed our client to:

  • implement a portfolio management solution based on business requirements
  • ensure the best software solution for advisors, since they provide most of the services of the bank