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1 Project Manager

oct. 2019 - ongoing

React, JavaScript, Stripe, Firebase, Node.js

Hello Beer | learning platform for bartenders

Hello Beer is a modern take on bartender training.

Allowing your staff to learn and practice in their own time via the app on their mobile phone.
The learning platforms are available as a web and a mobile application for both iOS and Android.


Every beer-loving fan knows that the taste is the result of the right pouring technique. Therefore pub owners teach new barmen to satisfy the needs of thousands of beer-lovers, every time they taste a freshly tapped beer. If a beer company owns a chain of pub restaurants, it has to recruit a large number of staff members. In the industry with high staff turnover, this puts pressure on existing, busy staff to share their knowledge with new bartenders. Our client was looking for a module extension solution in the bartender training app “Hello Beer”. The platform should give new employees the possibility of a self-training. In the meanwhile, managers should obtain an overview of the employees’ progress. Our team has faced with the task to help businesses to overcome this challenge.


Our goal

Our goal in this project is to help everyone who wants to take part in a bartender course and to get the best impression from “Hello Beer”.
A user interaction application makes learning easier and effective, improving the tapping technique.
Our goal in this project is to create an opportunity for managers to work with data, track learning progress, students’ results and choose the best ones for the work in their pubs.



Sombra team has developed the architectural solution and defined the structure of data, designed the user interface. We have established an iterative development process that allows our client to test quickly their business approaches and search for further investment through demo.

We have created a great product. The product is so great thanks to the results that we have received from several workshops. Without them, we even could not have risen higher in the designing of our development.

Based on research and user flows, the designer has built all the necessary prototype of the admin platform. Modern web application for bartender training allows the staff to learn and practice via the app on their mobile phone in their own time.                 

 On our next step, we had to add a new module. Dive deep into the user’s behaviour, business environment, to collect necessary data for establishing the next steps for a product and also that should be easy to use as well.

Our UX designer worked on the entire onboarding and dashboard flow, as a result, the user’s journey will be smooth and all key features are intuitive for new onboarded managers. These actions helped managers obtain the statistics, about learners, pub managers, pubs via a web app to make them feel more confident in their everyday decisions.

On the technical side, our team has done a wide range of work with Firebase functionality: database, functions, storage, cloud function, hosting



Key features

Easy management

Add any pubs you manage and invite staff members in a few simple steps

A simple progress tracking process

View the training progress of your staff in a clear, easy-to-understand format

On the go

Manage your account, invite learners and view progress using any device


“Makes the learning experience super easy” – one of the users posted this comment.  It is the best results for us.