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Get a defined timeline and cost estimate for your project in 2 to 4 weeks

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What is a Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is an exploratory stage you should complete to define the project plan, budget, and time frame before developing software for a digital project. It involves researching and determining the project scope by a team of business analysts, engineers, UX/UI designers, and solution architects.

You need the Discovery Phase if you are

A startup with only an idea of a project

Starting with the discovery phase will allow you to define your business goals, develop a project plan, and get UX/UI concepts that will later become clickable UX/UI prototypes - a critical point for raising your first round of funding.

An established business looking for optimization

The Discovery Phase will help you decide what processes can be automated in your business and how. Thanks to this step, you’ll get your initial documentation, project requirements, a killer tech stack, and cost estimation.

Who is involved in the process

Discovery team

  • Business Analyst

    Will define what the solution should be to solve a problem end-users care about.

  • Software Architect

    Will design the project development architecture and choose the tech stack.

  • UX Designer

    Will be responsible for building excellent user experience and clickable wireframes.

  • Project Manager

    Will prepare a project plan, evaluates and manages the risks, as well as establishes an internal communication. .


  • Client

  • Users

How the Discovery Phase unfolds

During the 2 to 4 weeks it takes to run the Discovery Phase, we hold requirement elicitation sessions with the team every 2 or 3 days.

Business goals definition
The discovery team and the stakeholders identify the challenges the digital project will address and define high-level specifications regarding the end-goals and the core functions.
Market and competitor research

The discovery team and the client identify how competitors address similar challenges and monitor tendencies on the market using competitive landscape and market analysis.

Customer journey map

The design team visualizes the customer journey and business process mapping to make sure there are no gaps in the customer experience and it is seamless across all touchpoints with your software.

UX concepts & wireframes

Based on the research and the project roadmap, our team creates interactive prototypes ready to be tested out by real users.

Development guidelines

Software Architect based on deliverables from previous stages designs software architecture, which will include architecture diagrams, API endpoint designs, component diagrams.

Project finalization

The stakeholders receive a set of documents: project plan, architecture concept, prototypes and SPS.

The deliverables you’ll receive

The Discovery Phase is not a simple formality; you get tangible deliverables after it's over.

Clickable UX/UI prototypes

Clickable visual prototypes that allow you to present the user interface of your application to the stakeholders.

Software requirement specification (SRS)

The core document that outlines the purpose of the product, its overall description, functional and non-functional requirements, limitations, tech stack.

Architecture concept

Representation of the future project’s structure, its components and the connections between them.

Project plan

A detailed roadmap with development cost proposal, recommended team composition, project roadmap and timelines and recommendations on team composition.

Development cost proposal

The overall cost of building the application. It gives the stakeholders an idea of how much investment will be required.

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The benefits you'll get after
the discovery phase

  • Understanding of how your business will operate after automation

  • The development results you can expect and when

  • An established budget to plan your costs beforehand

  • A development plan that can help cut initial costs when you adhere to it

Sombra’s clients’ success stories

The Discovery Phase for a startup that connects photographers and videographers

The startup’s idea is a platform designed to help photographers and videographers network and cooperate. The platform also allows users to search, monitor, and apply for creative jobs.

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