Discovery Phase of Product Development

How does it work?

How does it work?


We hold the users of the product in such high regard as they will be the ones utilizing the service to meet their needs. User Experience Discovery is meant to observe and build upon how they experience the software and it can thus report the necessary changes to be made to better align the product to the users’ needs. This goes beyond the aesthetics of an interface. If an interface is lacking certain features, sending the wrong branding message, or simply is too puzzling to navigate comfortably, users will not have an enjoyable experience using the software. We take design needs into strong consideration in order to better understand the ways users behave and interact with an interface. This helps visitors achieve their goals by ensuring the best possible user experience.

Business Analytics
& Architecture

As the next step, we will look into the Architecture process and work out a map or system to describe the project’s major components, their relationships, and how they will interact with each other. Software architecture and design involve the merging of several contributing factors such as: Business Strategy, Human Dynamics, Quality Attributes, Design, and IT Environment. From there, we can use Architecture as the blueprint for a system. Sombra develops the system architecture with a level of detail sufficient to evaluate the complexity, plan the solution implementation and suggest the most appropriate technology stack.

What is included

  • Scope model
  • High level project backlog
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Schedule and team configuration
  • Architecture and technical recommendations
  • Detailed estimation

The following main questions will be answered during the discovery phase:

  • What kind of visual and interactive components will the system have?
  • What will be the technical architecture of the product?
  • Based on what technological stack will the architecture be built?
  • What will be the roadmap and the cost of the product development?
  • What processes will be established for the most effective collaboration?
  • What are business needs that the new product will meet?
  • Who will use the new product?
  • Why and How? What are the key quality attributes of a new product?
  • What mechanics of interaction between the users and system will form the basis of the new product?