Fintech solutions

During last two years, we started 5 financial projects, 3 of which are long-term solutions. In our work, we pay special attention to the value our customers receive. Our strong technical background and accuracy to the details help us to build software that is both secure and easy to use. We all know that such characteristics are crucial nowadays for every Fintech startup.

We are infinitely proud to be a part of our customer success. And every day we do our best to meet your needs and deliver only the best quality. Our main tasks are the following:  improve your performance, secure your product and, what is the most important, to save your money and time.

We can offer you:

  • Secure mobile and web solutions
  • Blockchain software development
  • Identity management
  • Asset management and monitoring
  • Investment management system
  • Digital lending solutions

Five-year cooperation with one of the top 15 banks in the world

Our client is one of the top 15 banks in the world by market capitalization. Our cooperation started in 2015, during this period we extended development team exponentially from 1 to 28 engineers and delivered over 30 projects.

The Client is a North American Bank. Bank employs financial advisors who provide services through a bank system. Our team worked on several projects in Financial advisory area.

Value delivered

Collaboration between Sombra and the client has been lasting 5 years already. During this time the client has received:

30 projects for 5 years

During the cooperation, the client launched over 30 projects with our development resources. Currently 5 projects in the development stage, 5 in production, 10+ in PoC phase and 5 - on support. Long term involvement helps the customer to reduce the costs and get greater business and development integration.

Strong technical expertise in backend, frontend, QA and DevOps

By now, the bank’s development team mostly consists of our developers (28 engineers - Sombra, 18 - Innovation unit). Over five years the team has extended from 1 developer to 28 engineers.

Startup attitude

At the early stage of cooperation, the client needed full involvement, therefore our team worked 70–80 hours per week in peak season to deliver a result. At that time, we had to be flexible and quickly adjust to changing requirements.

Adjustment to changing requirements

The customer gets a development team that constantly adjust to changing requirements. Every quarter we conduct joint planning sessions with the client to set priorities and determine the motion vector for the next period.

28 engineers team management

Moreover, we organize annual onsite trips for engineers and bi-annual trips for managers to customer location to ensure deeper immersion in the client’s business.


15 Back end developers,
6 Front end developers,
5 Quality Assurance Engineers,
1 Project Manager,
1 Designer


5 years, still ongoing


Java 11, MSSQL, GraphQL, Microsoft Azure, Selenium, Protractor, Cypress, REST Assured, Postman, Angular 8, NgRx, REST API