Saas Marketing: 6 Ways to Promote your CRM

Liudmyla Dereshivska
Marketing manager

March 13, 2018

Saas marketing is a topic that doesn’t get enough coverage on the Internet. Frequently, small businesses for financial or other reasons can’t hire a marketing manager and advertising falls on the shoulders of owners. With such lack of related information, it can be challenging to deal with all marketing activities and figure out what will work and what won’t.

Recently we had an interview with our client Cris founder of CRM called Studio Ninja. He is the owner, who deals with marketing on his own. Cris told us about his path from idea to a first full year of operation and shared some marketing tips on his approach to CRM promotion. Thanks to well-built marketing strategy Cris was able to reach 40% growth of new paid users.

6 Rules of CRM Promotion

Saas marketing

Rule #1. Offer a free trial 

Free products work well in every sphere of business. You will be more disposed to buy items you already used, tasted or smelled. That is the way how our brain works and good marketers know that and use that!

For Saas sales, this rule works a little bit different, but still no worse. When consultants at the supermarket offer you a free sample of cheese or chocolate, they expect you to get excited, get connected to the product.

In the case of Saas, clients get the opportunity to use service for free during some period (trial period). It can be one week, month, etc. After you tried the service, it becomes difficult to let go. You already enjoyed the perfect functionality and can’t imagine your work without this CRM. That is typical behaviour of every human. We don’t like losing things we already own. We prefer not to lose, rather than gain something new. In the scientific world this called loss aversion. It means wanting to avoid missing things.
Saas marketing

If you sell CRM solution, offering a free trial is a good idea. It will pay off.

You will give a customer a chance to own your product for some time. And when there is time to let go, near 30% won’t be ready to do so.

Rule #2. Offer promotional solutions.

We came up close to the second rule of Saas advertising.

Cris from Studio Ninja uses the principle of loss aversion in his marketing strategy, but he, also, knows another rule that brings excellent results. That is the rule of urgency.

Saas marketing

When a customer subscribes to a free trial month, Cris wants to push purchase a little bit. After the first 20 days of the trial, he offers 20% discount for the first twelve months. Users are happy to use such a great deal. Statistics show that nearly 90% of Studio Ninja paid subscribers came from this promotion.

Stimulating the sense of urgency is a good old marketing trick. Here we are dealing with the human response to a deadline. It is scientifically proven that receiving a discount or having a deadline to activate the reward centre of our brain. We seek to experience pleasure, and attractive discount can give us such satisfaction.

Do you remember that feeling when you see a great price for a pair of shoes? The same applies to get a great deal of CRM.Saas marketing

If you want to drive your sales up, consider of applying promotion and discounts to your offer. Don’t forget to spice things up with a bit of urgency.

Rule #3. E-mail marketing 

There are cases when after the trial period customer doesn’t convert into a subscribed user. What to do in such cases?

You can use the user information you collected during registration to reach potential customers via e-mail campaign.

You already have their e-mails and know they are interested in your services. That gives you enough data for marketing attack.

Try to form you latter assuming that customer is already familiar with CRM. It can be a good idea to the previous trick and offer a one-time discount. Force customer to feel the urgency of adding a deadline for the offer.

Also, you can provide some free materials on the site specific to your branch. It can be free e-books, prospects, infographics, etc. Users will have to contribute an email to get this piece of free information. This little trick enables you to collect personal emails from interested users. Afterwards, you can create an e-mail marketing campaign to attract new subscribers.

Rule# 4. Use a referring system 

Another good working Saas marketing tactic is using the referring system. For example, Cris uses so-called refer a friend model”. It means that when one of the users of CRM refers to another user, they both going to get a discount on the software. This model helped Cris to increase paid users by 200%.

Saas marketing

We all are social creatures, who struggle for social connection. In the referral system, we mainly use the power of word of mouth. It works as follows, you current paid user can refer or invite an unsubscribed friend to try out the software, and they both can get the bonus. As a reward, you can offer a discount, cashback or certificate.

Saas marketing

Referral system deals with cognitive psychology. We perceive behaviour as more appropriate if we see others performing it the same. It is called social proof, and this is the basis of referrals systems. When people are uncertain regarding some purchases, they look to others to make the right decision based on others behaviour. We are more eager to listen to the recommendations of our friends rather than nasty ads.

Saas marketing

Rule #5. Ambassadors program 

When you archive a solid basis for product and brand, you may consider establishing some extra activities to consolidate the results. Something that will grow customer awareness and help to gain trust.

Brand ambassadors programs gain popularity among marketing gurus, and you can use this for your benefit too. The idea behind the programs is to embrace real people, who use and enjoy your software, to spread awareness among others. Establishing such a team of dedicated users can bring incredible value to your company.

Cris in his marketing strategy also uses ambassadors as representatives of the product. He selects a certain amount of photographers and upgrades them to Ambassador status. That gives them a free account. It also provides them with the power to share a 50% discount on the software with their followers or communities.

Rule #6. Make a blog 

Besides all the things listed above, we want also pay specific attention to content marketing. Recently, content got well-deserved popularity, and every business tries to use it for own benefit. For Saas marketing content also works excellent. Consider starting a blog on your professional site. Try not to present yourself in a good light on the blog, but rather to solve target audience problems with your content.

If you choose topics right and follow SEO principle, you can achieve good results in attraction to potential users via the Internet. But remember that content marketing will never sell your product. It can raise brand awareness, attract new users and develop customer loyalty. But this is going to happen if you make efforts. You have to know your target audience and investigate what questions can bother them. Afterwards, start writing content solving your buyers’ problems.

Saas marketing

Our client, Cris, have a blog on his site from the very beginning. He highlights recent trends in the photo industry, shares some professional tricks and post company updates.

To sum up

We were happy to share with you some practical pieces of advice on Saas marketing. We hope this article will be useful and bring additional value to your business. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement new, unexpected solutions.

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