Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Delegate development to technically skilled and culturally fitting partners. We will turn your ideas into solid software, ready to serve your business

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  • to develop a new application
  • to rejuvenate an existing technology solution
  • to digitize existing processes and routines
  • to realize your business goal leveraging technology
  • to transfer development & support to the new team
  • to add new functions and capacities to the existing software
  • to migrate an existing software product (one or several) to the cloud

Our Software Modernization services

Web & Mobile application development

Standalone web and/or mobile app development, or front-end & back-end development.

Delegation of software development and maintenance

Technical assessment of current software product. Transfer plan (time & scope estimation). Development and support.

Competencies & Spheres of knowledge included

  • Business analysis

  • UI/UX

  • Software architecture

  • Project management

  • Software engineering

  • DevOps

  • QA

Do you prefer a certain tech stack or framework? Review our technical expertise.

The key benefits of our
Software Development Services

  • The ideas are technically verified before starting a development

  • Both planning and development are performed in time- and budget-conscious manner

  • The expectations are clearly set and well-communicated on each step

  • The workflow is organized and fine-tuned to fit your inner processes

  • The technical assessment of current software products is provided where needed

  • The technical solutions are built solidly to serve your business needs

Let's talk about what should be done for you

Software engineering is just a tool. Meeting your business needs is what we focus on firstly. Fill in the form to talk about your case.