IT Audit & Consulting

IT Audit & Consulting

Before starting a project from scratch or starting a new phase of the existing project development, it is worth auditing it in one of few ways.

Audit of existing software

From time to time we meet customers who want to make their existing project work properly or add new features, but the project is in awful condition. If it is not so big yet, we advise to consider rebuilding it from the beginning. It is a hard decision, but adding a lot of new features will increase the number of bugs and permanent support costs drastically.

Code review

A service we could provide either as a pre-development stage or as a standalone service. Our team of Java and frontend experts would review your code thoroughly and give advice for its improvement. If it is required, we would be glad to implement that advice so you’d see how your software would improve.


Not all software is well-documented, but all product owners would like it to be documented. Our project managers and business analytics would interview all stakeholders, collect the required information, analyze competitor’s products and issue documentation which could be used to build a great solution on a fixed price basis.


Building schematic web screens is usually called wireframing. It is an important part of creating UI/UX and understanding what functionality each web page would have. This could be done as a part of the documentation process as well and usually we create them before the MVP stage to make an estimate more accurate and to understand the client’s expectations.


If you don’t need a final product or even an MVP right now, and instead you just want a simple clickable demonstration of your idea for investor or partners, a POC could be a solution. We will create just the main pages which show your idea with a basic UI/UX and links between pages. Based on the POC, the development of the product itself could be started later.