Web Development

Web Development

One of the main focuses of Sombra.

Frontend development

Frontend development, as well as client-side development, both, mean the same thing. It gives the user the opportunity to interact with software, which is why we have a team of frontend developers who work on that constantly. Also, most experienced frontend developers are involved in experts group and they are reviewing the job done by the team. We work with most frontend frameworks, but tend to work with Angular 6 if it is up to us.

Backend development

About 70% of the services which Sombra provides are backend development and 100% of them Java backend development. We have a strong Java experts group which is maintaining same high level of quality for all of our projects and are constantly checking the level of developers to provide the best service to our clients.


This is the key thing which shows whether end users will use the software or will skip it right after signing up. It might be not so urgent to use extra resources for UI/UX if your goal is an MVP, but it is highly important for the final release and should not be underestimated for software success.

Quality Assurance

Nowadays it is obvious that all software should be tested, because there is no such thing as software without bugs. The question is: who should do this; the developer or QA engineer? We prefer to involve only employees with certain skills for certain tasks. QA engineers will perform testing much faster than if it were be done by a developer. That means that our customer would save extra time and money which of course is the most important.


The speed of development, number of bugs during and after development stage, stability, scalability and flexibility of the system. All of the above are highly influenced by the architecture that was designed at the very beginning. That is why we use software architecture principles very intensively to setup the correct development guidelines on the project from the beginning.

API development

Most of the web projects we’re delivering involve our work with API’s: either we are integrating with a 3rd party API or building one from scratch. We’ve integrated with over 100 API’s including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Analytics, PayPal, Stripe, Yodlee, Twilio etc.


Most of our customers ask for post-production support as there is always a need to change features. We are happy to provide it and make the product even better than it was after release.


Agile methodology is an alternative to traditional project management, however it can already be called the standard practice for software development. It gives an opportunity to develop a product in iterations without tons of documentation and with the possibility for the customer to make changes during the development process. We use it for most of the projects we’ve started from the scratch.