Sombra Stands with Ukraine. How We Changed On Amid Russian Invasion.

Liudmyla Dereshivska
Marketing manager

March 24, 2022

24.02 at 4:00 Russian Federation insidiously attacked Ukraine. This event changed everything for us as a company and Ukrainian citizens. 

From the first days of the war, we decided not to stand aside and take responsibility to support our country on the path to victory. We have chosen a few directions where we can help. 

As a company, we are obliged to keep working, provide working places, generate revenue and pay taxes. The Ukrainian economy must stay afloat to continue the confrontation. We have switched our sales employees to volunteer work with the war effort while developers focus on shipping code for clients.

The company management decided to donate $120K for the needs of volunteers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, our employees donated part of their rewards to help the Armed Forces, a total of $35K.

Our people are of paramount value to Sombra. We do our best to help and support each of our workers. We have relocated our colleagues with relatives from the regions with active hostilities. Also, we’ve opened two centres for domestic migrants – in our office and the kindergarten, where people can stay and feel safe. Now 18 people live there.

We’ve created a volunteer centre  that supplies the army and territorial defence with transport, equipment, tactical wear and armour.

Also, our engineers have joined the Cyber ​​Troops to fight cyberattacks, spread information about the enemy troops’ movements and defend the information front.

Many of our friends, colleagues and clients have asked us about how they can help the people of Ukraine. You can donate to the ComeBackAlive organization to support Ukraine fighting for freedom and independence. 

To donate, click on the link below.


Sombra Stands with Ukraine. How We Changed On Amid Russian Invasion.
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