Sombra Inc – best Lviv IT Agency 2017 on the Upwork

Liudmyla Dereshivska
Marketing manager

February 15, 2018

sombra on upwork

Sombra has been recognised as the best Lviv IT Agency 2017 on the freelance platform, Upwork. During the 2017 year, our сients highly evaluated the product quality, compliance with requirements, and our adherence to the deadlines.

Also, we received the highest number of positive feedback from clients among all software companies operating on the platform in Lviv. Additionally, we completed over 20 projects on Upwork, delivering outstanding service and quality. All those achievements allowed us to become the best Upwork agency.

Sombra Inc – best Lviv IT Agency 2017 on the Upwork

Sombra has been operating in the software development market since 2013 and on the Upwork since 2014. During this time we

  • completed 80+ projects;
  • spend around 38.000 hours;
  • received over 40 reviews, all positive;

We want to sum up the main lessons learned during our operation on the Upwork platform:

  • No matter what, you have to apply to new projects every day

This point is crucial for agencies because someday you can wake up and find there are no projects to work on. We had such experience. Our team had some ongoing projects and we didn’t devote enough efforts to apply for the new ones. But one day everything changed. Our ongoing projects were over, but fresh ones didn’t appear. We were left without work. This was the turning point when we learned the truth: 

Apply to the projects regardless of whether you are currently working on something or not.

  • Write as many bids proposals as possible

If you write a small number of bids or do it irregularly, it is not going to work. We write up to 20 bids daily, this is around 4000 bids during the year. Using our experience we came up to the conclusion that systematic bids writing can give outstanding results. Of course, we don’t forget about quality. Every bid we form in accordance with the client requirements, trying to find the best suitable solution.sombra on upwork

  • Success on Upwork requires a systematic approach

In order to get results, you have to work systematically and try to be more efficient. We implement a systematic approach when it comes to Upwork. During all years spend on this platform, we found out what works the best for us and what is not worth efforts spent.  We conduct the analytics of our work, always compare the results and try to improve the outcome.

  • Success on Upwork depends on your investments

It is difficult to receive something if you don’t devote anything. We believe, that investments help to move forward, therefore we recommend to invest in your Upwork profile. And here we are talking not only about time and effort, but also budget. Do not save money on buying new connections on Upwork because there is no other way to grow and evolve there.

We hope those lessons will help you. And, also, we are very pleased to be recognised by the biggest global platform as the best agency. Our company is constantly improving service and cooperation with clients. We will be doing our best to keep this level later on.



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