We are focused on technologies we are good at and improving our knowledge constantly.

  • Java

    Java is our core development language and technology stack which has been used and mastered from the very establishment of Sombra. 24 projects with a duration of over 6 months were delivered using Java and some of them are still in progress.

  • Spring

    The framework which we see as the most stable and flexible of the Java frameworks. For web platforms developed from scratch we usually recommend using Spring stack.

  • AngularJS

    Among many other JavaScript frameworks we selected AngularJS as the most robust and effective frontend development framework on the market.

  • Cordova

    Cross-platform mobile apps suit MVP’s more and the first stable versions of the app when time and cost are critical. We prefer Cordova among all and have successfully delivered more than 10 apps using it.

  • API Integrations

    Almost every web project requires integration with 3rd party API’s. We have integrated our web systems with numerous API’s, such as: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Stripe, Twilio, YELP and literally more than 100 other APIs.

  • SQL Databases

    Widely supported and stable databases which we use in most of our projects. We recommend MySQL and PostgreSQL, however we also work with MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite, SQL Azure etc.

  • Elastic Stack

    We see it as the most popular and developed search engine that could be easily adapted to any enterprise projects providing Google-like search functionality.

  • NoSQL Databases

    Databases which we use for special projects when SQL databases are not the best fit. We are using MongoDB, Firebase, Redis etc.

  • Finance

    During 2015-2016 we started 5 financial projects, 3 of which are long-term SaaS solutions. Our developers already have experience with most popular API’s in the industry.

  • Business Services

    This is the most requested type of project at Sombra. Almost every business would like to automate either internal or customer-facing processes. We started from scratch and successfully delivered 7 big projects of such type during the last 2 years.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare projects require a high level of experience from the supplier as well as high security standards. We have experience working on healthcare projects with clients from the United States and Australia.

  • Analytics

    Projects connected to the analysis of data require deep math knowledge and understanding how to build certain algorithms as well as show them in as simple manner as possible. That is the most challenging and interesting obstacle that we strive to overcome.

  • Entertainment

    The entertainment industry is always full of ideas and new challenges. Here we have delivered a variety of projects which help people to communicate with each other, meet other people, look for certain places, see reviews and get entertained!

  • Marketing

    Marketing projects usually comprise of the visualisation of data obtained from different API’s and we have extensive experience both with visualization and data retrieval.

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