Top 10 CRMs for Photographers in 2019

Liudmyla Dereshivska
Liudmyla Dereshivska
Marketing manager

June 20, 2019

When we think of photographers, we don’t usually recognize the other side of their work – the business aspect. This includes numerous phone calls, finding clients, attending meetings to discuss photoshoots and managing finances. These are the routine tasks no professional photographer can hide from. Whether you’re a product photographer, a wedding photographer, a portrait photographer or any kind of photographer who works full-time, you have to manage your workflow and the work of your team, if you have one.

Artists aren’t usually the people who you’d imagine using a client management tool. Still, a CRM would make any photographer more productive and less prone to forgetting things. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best CRMs for photographers you can choose from. Enjoy!

What is a CRM and why do you need one?

Now, hold on. Before we get into selecting a CRM for photographers, we’d like to remind you what a CRM tool is.

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps to manage and organize business flows as well as optimize marketing campaigns. According to the Grand View Research, the customer relationship management market will reach up to $80 billion by 2025, and that’s almost a 600% increase.

How can you benefit from using CRM software for photographers? Simple! It allows you to find potential customers, convert them into hot leads, track deadlines, communicate with customers, upload galleries and much more. Generally speaking, a photographer’s life without an automated CRM system is full of hassle and irritation.

What features should the best CRM for photographers have?

Just like any other CRM, a photographer-specific CRM tool should possess the following features:

  • Lead generation and management. Though artistic, the photography business is still business, and it could benefit significantly from lead generation metrics and marketing campaigns that are set up correctly. Managing it all from a CRM is a huge perk.
  • Schedule. Photographers often charge by the hour and have a rigid timetable. Using a CRM to track time spent on the ongoing tasks and seeing a vivid picture of the work you’ve done is a great benefit.
  • Payments and invoices. Keeping track of all the payments photographers receive is a top feature CRMs should possess to streamline photographers’ payment workflow.
  • Project progress. Photographers often have several projects at once: a photo shoot, photo editing, printing, etc. With a CRM system, photographers can see the current status of their tasks.

Best CRM software for photographers

With these features in mind, we’ve gathered a list of the best CRM systems for photographers.

Studio Ninja

         crm for photographers

The company’s motto is “From photographers to photographers,” which couldn’t be more appealing. Studio Ninja, the leading photography studio management software, provides its users with a bundle of fantastic features to run their business. Excellent user interface coupled with easy-to-use functionality helps to administer tasks and manage time efficiently. Studio Ninja’s top features include lead conversion, the progress and status of tasks, personally customized workflows for each individual and enterprise. What’s more, it lets the photographer’s clients sign contracts and pay invoices in real time.

The price starts at $21.95 monthly and $17.95 annually (per month).

Studio Ninja is one of Sombras most beloved clients, and we are extremely proud to work with them. Read our case study to find out all about our cooperation.


crm for photographersHoneybook CRM software helps photographers automate the process of finding and following up on clients. If you haven’t created your own contract template yet, Honeybook offers attractive templates you can use. The process of signing contracts HoneyBook offers is super easy and very fast, so your clients won’t get frustrated or confused.

Speaking of clients, the app allows them to review invoices, sign them and pay – all in one place. HoneyBook is also accessible as a mobile app you can download on App Store or Google Play and manage your tasks on the go.

Pricing starts at $34 per month and $400 annually.


 crm for photographers

If you want to keep all of your business management in a single place, Tave is the tool for that. Automatic leads status transitions help you manage clients from start to finish and never forget to follow up in time. Other features of Tave include double booking warning (you’ll get a notification about other tasks that are booked at the same time), email scheduling and tracking.

The monthly pricing starts at $21.99 for “solo,” $29.99 for “boutique” (6 users and 4 brands) and $43.99 for “studio.”


crm for photographers

A great feature of Pixifi is that you can schedule time slots for your teams, so the clients know whether you’re available, busy or on vacation. A lead pipeline, workflow visualizer, event timelines and digital scheduling are some of the best features Pixify offers. The CRM is compatible with Dropbox, Flickr, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Stripe, and more.

The monthly price is $21.99 (1 member) for “solo,” $34.99 for “boutique” (2 members) and $49.99 for “studio pro.”

Sprout Studio

crm for photographers

Sprout Studio is a CRM system that has both online studio management and galleries. Along with the standard galleries, Sprout also offers sales galleries that will help your clients see how their photos will look printed and framed on a wall of their living room.

This CRM for photographers has features that simplify the business life of photographers and allow them to combine both tech and creative parts of their job. These include billing and invoicing, management of contracts, events, projects and marketing campaigns.

The price starts at $17.00 per month.


crm for photographers 

ShootQ lets you customize its features depending on your needs and daily activities. The CRM system for photographers allows you to optimize the workflow by setting up personal templates, generating proposals, lead tracking and more.

On top of that, it provides a workshops section, allowing you to host your own workshops and get paid for them quickly. You can also review your performance and sales metrics as well as your weekly schedule using ShootQ.

The price starts at $24 per month.


crm for photographers

PicSpotr is a neat CRM tool for photographers that helps you run your business efficiently and productively. The feature that we like best is a questionnaire you can use to survey your clients about their ideal photoshoot. The tool lets you synchronize your events in Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Fantastical, MS Outlook, iCal and more. Plus, with PicSpotr, you can track your payments and spendings, keeping an eye on the current status of your finances online.

The starting price is $9.99 per month.


crm for photographers

Bloom is a CRM tool for photographers that lets them focus on shooting while the app manages the photography business. Bloom’s functionality focuses on client generation and acquisition as well as delivering images, automating emails, organizing workflows and signing contracts easily. All this makes the business side of being a photographer effortless.

The monthly pricing is $9 for starters, $29 for part-time and $40 for full-time users.


crm for photographers

The main feature of this CRM for photographers is lead generation. It collects information about your potential clients and provides you with the necessary lead generation funnels. The integrated payment option also helps Dubsado’s users get paid quickly through PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Square, QuickBooks or iCloud. Photographers can set up reminders for the clients so that they wouldn’t forget about the due date and the amount of money they need to pay.

Other valuable features include client and project management, accounting, automation, contracts and more.

The price is $35 per month and $350 per year.


crm for photographers

Shootzilla is an intuitive photo studio software that helps photographers tame chaos, manage business tasks and optimize the workflow. It collects all of your tasks in a dashboard so that you could see your work at a glance. Along with making your work more structured, Shootzilla also makes it more fun: you can color code tasks for each job and assign icons that will tell you what you have to do for each particular project.

A one-time payment for 3 months is $130, and the monthly price to be a member is $24.


When you’re just starting out as a photographer, a notepad is all you need to manage your business, but as you grow professionally, it gets increasingly harder to keep track of all the customers and tasks. Luckily, there are a lot of CRM systems for photographers tailored specifically to fit your craft. Choose any of them to suit your needs and budget, and go back to focusing on what you love best – creating art through the lens of a camera.

Top 10 CRMs for Photographers in 2019
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