Galyna Oliyarchyk
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Middle/ Senior Data Engineer

Fintech project, the purpose of which is to create and maintain banking platforms. Users are bank employees, which is about 10,000. The platform is used to serve clients of the bank who would like to invest their money in one of Canada’s largest banks.

Since this is a Fortune 500 company, there are thousands of business consumers and tons of data to work with. 

There are a number of products that shall be developed or supported and engineers will have a possibility to switch between products when there is a need. All products are developed to support business consumers inside the bank.

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  • 4+ years of experience with Scala, Python, or Java;
  • Practical data engineering experience building and maintaining ETL pipelines (data ingestion, storage, and processing) in batch and streaming solutions using Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, etc;
  • Practical experience with Trino, Apache Ranger;
  • Experience with Apache Hive Metastore;
  • Experience with basic infrastructure tools like Docker, k8s (Openshift would be a plus);
  • At least Intermediate level of both spoken and written English (B1 and higher);
  • Optionally: an experience with Prometheus, Graphana, Azure data bricks, GCP stack.

An engineer will work with the client’s Data Analytics department:

  • Implement ways of transferring data;
  • Get data inside out for business users; 
  • Write customized business pipelines; 
  • Build the data engineering platform to deliver reports and tables to consumers.


  • Be flexible in terms of projects on the client’s side – they have many products and will require you to work with more than one;
  • Work not only with technical people from the client’s side but also with business users of the bank;
  • We will involve two more people with less experience, so you have a chance to share a knowledge with them.
  • Be able to suggest, decline, and take responsibility for ideas.
What we offer:
  • 50% cost compensation for attending courses and seminars on self-development;
  • Сareer opportunities;
  • Internal University (Tech Communities (Front End, Back End, QA), leadership program, etc);
  • English training courses (twice per week+Communication Course, Grammar Course, Emailing Course and of course practice with native speakers every week)
  • Paid time off (vacation days (18 working days) and sick days (10 working days));
  • Gym memberships or discounts (6000 UAH per year);
  • Wellness programs (participation in running marathons; health plan (vaccination, dental or vision plans, etc);
  • Corporate doctor;
  • Corporate events (travel talks, online parties);
  • Parental Leave.