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15 Developers,
1 Project Manager

4 year and still continuing

JavaScript, Java, Angular 5, Bootstrap

Portfolio Management Software for Multinational Financial Services Company

Our Sombra team created a financial investment management system that provides users with advice about the portfolios or investment strategies and could answer any questions users may have. The system considers such factors as the final expectation of a user, their goals, the amount of money they would like to invest, and the deadline for reaching their financial goals.
Our client is an investment institution in Canada that deals with digital technology for financial institutions, including robo-advice platforms, advisor interfaces, and content management systems related to financial planning and advice.

Our goal

The main purpose of the project is to create a tool which will help automatise the work of “financial advisors” and their clients by creating a system in a questionnaire form to gather and analyse information about the client's goals provide suggestions for their investment.


1. One of the main challenges was linked to generating PDF files from predefined templates using custom fonts based on fulfilled customer information.

2. Also, a challenge was working with the banking system, since it’s the most secure system in the industry for gathering and creating different ways of how to deal with limited access. For example: mocking up APIs for local development to set up our own AD server.

3. Another challenge was to secure all requests and methods to an “A” rating.

4. On the front-end side, there were troubles in dynamic changing the structure of the page depending on the type of account while on the stage of filling out information.

5. The next obstacle was related to functionality. Our main goal was to make a system as customizable as possible. Investment patterns change from time to time and we had to make it possible for clients to change the logic in the evaluation system. It was difficult to create an environment, where non-technical users can change the logic of a few evaluations and processes according to their needs.


The Sombra team established an investment management service for our client which consisted of three parts: a portfolio builder, an evaluation service, and the system.

The Portfolio Builder is a system that helps users build their investment portfolios. It opens the possibility of choosing which kind of assets users want to invest into. Assets can be money, company shares, or funds. The system has a wide variety of functionality, including:

• providing clients with timely insights related to economic changes.

• creating an investment plan according to clients personal risk tolerance and timeline.

• providing clear investment guidelines according to the clients’ personal situations.

The Evaluation Service: all investment plans that have been already completed or currently in the process of being completed is accurately assessed by the system. The evaluation is based on well thought out logic that analyses portfolios according to specified parameters.

The system allows tracks changes in the rates of certain stocks (that the users had selected to follow. Also, the system can propose to them an automatically formed selection of 3/5/10 the best / worst shares of the market. Additionally, the software contained a module for communication between the user and the adviser.