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Studio Ninja CRM

8 Developers
1 Project manager
4 QA

4+ years, still ongoing

Java, AngularJS, Stripe API, Google Calendar API

Studio Ninja CRM | CRM for Photographers

Our client - Chris Garbacz, an Australian photographer with over 10 years of experience. He knew from experience that photographers spend much time managing routine tasks and CRMs presented on the market didn't offer enough functionality to deal with the problem. Chris came to us with the idea of creating a service that will focus on a photographer's workflow and together we developed a CRM system that automates administrative tasks. The system helps photographers make more money, create custom payment plans, and accept credit cards. It also helps them be more organized and keep track of clients, payments, and jobs, as well as helping the business grow.

Our goal

The main goal was to optimize the time photographers spend on administrative errands. We wanted to create not a regular CRM for everyone, but a custom product for the target audience - photographers. It was important to consider all specifics of the work process and translate them in clear functionality. Also, since a visual part is essential in the industry, we have to an extra accent on the UI development.


Chris intended to create a tool that would empower photographers to automate workflow and boost sales. The focus was on designing a product that would streamline photographers’ workflow while creating a value proposition to their clients.

Studio Ninja CRM

Project Overview

Sombra teamed up with the client to create a customized CRM platform for the photographic industry. The project was required to provide job workflow, payment options and a clear process of tracking leads.

Studio Ninja CRM

Value Delivered

Sombra delivered the platform that increased the amount of photo service sales by simplifying the routine workflow like customer care and accounting. Using the new product, photographers could schedule photoshoots, do bookkeeping and track client conversion. It made the process of managing and selling photography services a fast and simple digital experience.

Top three features are:

  • Automated emails to clients
  • Invoicing systems
  • Questionnaires
Studio Ninja CRM
Studio Ninja CRM
  • Studio Ninja CRM
    Chris Garbacz
    Co-founder, StudioNinja


    It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and the team at Sombra for the last 12 months. You guys have done an exceptional job bringing Studio Ninja to life and we couldn’t be happier with the results. There have been times when we had strict deadlines and you always managed to deliver on time, we have been really impressed. There were even times when external circumstances took our servers offline and you guys were on it and quick to fix everything asap – even on weekends!We look forward to growing our relationship with Sombra as our software and business grow. Thanks for being so available for us and always going above and beyond for the Studio Ninja project.