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convenient photography CRM

3 Developers,
1 Project Manager,
1 QA

1 year

Java, AngularJS, Stripe API, Google Calendar API

Studio Ninja CRM

A photographer from Australia decided to make life easier for photographers and create a CRM system which will help them spend less time on the jobs which can be done automatically.The system helps photographers make more money, create custom payment plans, and accept credit cards. It also helps them be more organized and keep track of clients, payments, and jobs, as well as helping the business grow.

Our goal

The goal was to create a SaaS platform which can be very specialized for photographers. Since the system is for photographers, we have to make the UI well and the system should be responsive.The system should have two different portals for photographers and their clients. Also, clients shouldn’t login into the system. The system should support credit card payments and PayPal. Most importantly, it should send many emails every day, as well as create automatic workflows, reminders and notifications.


The biggest challenge was to work with as a startup with many ideas and change requests. The initial estimate was 6 months but since many requirements were changed and many features added, the system has been under development for more than 1 year now. Based on previous experience with startups, we chose Scrum with 2 weeks sprints to get feedback from the customer faster. The first release happened after 5 months of development and now we are releasing major updates with new features once per month.

convenient photography CRM
Also, since we have a server in Australia and some users in USA we proactively started working on frontend code optimization which helps load system faster. Since we’re planning to involve 1000’s of users we are making load tests regularly and using technologies which can handle such an amount of users.
convenient photography CRM


We decided to implement integrations with PayPal and Stripe. Both are very popular and Stripe allows credit card functionality. It requires to be paid for users, so we have created subscriptions in Stripe. For emails we used several services like Amazon SES but we stayed with Postmark App. Also, there is integration with google calendar and standard features for CRM as address book, statistics, jobs listing and a list of payments.

Top three features are:

  • Automated emails to clients
  • Invoicing systems
  • Questionnaires
convenient photography CRM
convenient photography CRM
  • Chris Garbacz
    Co-founder, StudioNinja


    It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and the team at Sombra for the last 12 months. You guys have done an exceptional job bringing Studio Ninja to life and we couldn’t be happier with the results. There have been times when we had strict deadlines and you always managed to deliver on time, we have been really impressed. There were even times when external circumstances took our servers offline and you guys were on it and quick to fix everything asap – even on weekends!We look forward to growing our relationship with Sombra as our software and business grow. Thanks for being so available for us and always going above and beyond for the Studio Ninja project.