CTO & Co-Founder Yuriy Nakonechnyy on Sombra’s Success

Yana Troianska

June 17, 2020

“In our opinion, it’s not only about skill level but also about diving much deeper into client business needs and trying to tailor our service to each aspect of those needs.”

Sombra was started from years of software development experience and the desire to make a difference. “I always wanted to make a bigger impact on the clients by understanding their needs better and providing them with more value,” Sombra CTO and Co-Founder Yuriy Nakonechnyy say. 

Yuriy combined his technical skill with his dedication to providing individualized solutions. Next, he set out to find the perfect team. Another reason he started the company was “the ability to work with awesome engineers, grow together with them professionally, see how they grow themselves and grow in terms of a number of engineers. The software can only be built by people, so to build great software one needs a great software engineering team behind it.” 

As such, Yuriy created a team with engineers dedicated to many areas of expertise, including cloud, frontend, mobile, integrations, security, data storages, highload systems, and complex business logic. 

Yuriy and his team have perfected the art of delivering custom products. “Building software engineering teams for our clients that solve their software development and business problems year over year is what Sombra most excels in.” 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Sombra uses Clutch, a free database of B2B service providers, to track feedback from customers on our projects. Our services have helped us maintain a near-perfect 4.9-star rating.

In our most recent project featured on the platform, we created custom software for a SaaS company. Their president remarked on the skills of our team and their impressive contributions to the success of the video platform.

“The project went brilliantly, and Sombra delivered on time. They bring a lot of insight, innovation, and suggestions. It’s been a very personal and positive experience.”

We’re proud of our team for delivering high-quality solutions that align with Yuriy’s early vision for the company. To successfully complete projects, Yuriy recommends asking questions and getting details about what the client is looking for. Below is a list of recommended questions to start the project: 

  • What is the deadline for this project, and why? 
  • What goal is your client trying to achieve, and why do they need you? 
  • Where does your client need your help, and what will be the most difficult part of the project? 
  • Is backend development covered, is the frontend at the desired level, and how will DevOps and CI/CD perform?
  • Is there some shiny new technology your clients would like to try but don’t have specific expertise? 
  • How about quality, and what is “quality” for a specific client?

Companies can use these questions to understand client targets and approach them effectively and efficiently. We at Sombra always try to get a holistic understanding of our customers’ companies to give them the results they need. Conducting research and doing our due diligence helps us succeed at the top level. 

So, what advice does Yuriy have for aspiring business owners looking to achieve the same level of success? “I guess that the most important in building long-term cooperation is to be as direct and open as possible,” he says, “especially when describing your own needs and concerns.” 

And don’t shy away from phone calls! “A short 10-minute call could save several back-and-forth lengthy emails and confusions.” 

Head to our Clutch profile to see more highlights from past projects, or go to their sister site, The Manifest, to browse other industry leaders and discover more practical business advice like Yuriy’s. 

And, of course, if you have a custom software development need, trust a proven service provider like Sombra to get the job done.

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