e commerce website development
Creating an online shop is not enough to make it profitable. You need to work hard on the website to make it convenient and useful for visitors.
#Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # September 5, 2018
Lately, we came across the article on Forbes about things that non-technical founders have to know about tech. This piece inspired us to create own guide explaining complex technical stuff in simple terms.
#Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk, Roman Kryvun # August 9, 2018
digital transaction
Today, only 8% of the world’s money exists in cash, whereas the remaining 92% exists in electronic form. Digital cash is available only in digital form, which enables an instant transaction through digital communication channels.
#Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 23, 2018
Ukraine global innovation index
This year Ukraine has climbed to 43rd place in the ranking of innovative countries and jumped ahead of Post Soviet countries like Russia, Moldova, and Belarus. Ukraine moved seven steps up compared to the previous year, and more than 20 positions over the past three years.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 19, 2018
Let’s imagine that you are launching an online store or service and it’s time to choose a billing system. The comfort of customers depends on your choice. So, we decided to help you a little. We all know that PayPal and Stripe are all-time leaders
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 13, 2018
In a disrupted business world, technical component plays one of the crucial roles. Picking the right technology is half of the work done. Believe us! Especially now, when the world is all about mobile, user experience and security.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # June 27, 2018
fintech software
Fintech is a tidbit for a software development sector. This is a highly profitable sphere, that constantly requires innovative technical solutions. Every year financial domain evolves and adopts technologies into major processes.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # June 18, 2018
top fintech trends
Fintech is a new area evolving and drawing attention. Every year Fintech trends change, but it always tends to qualitative innovations. Following up the newest tendencies, we formed top 5 trends in Fintech to watch in 2018.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # June 7, 2018
When building an application within the specific framework, you need to know the best practices to write clean and maintainable code. We formed Top Angular 5 Best Practices based on our experience.
# Victor Chekh # May 30, 2018