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a startup founder, CTO, Software Development Manager and Product Manager who is:

Seeking to augment your in-house development teams with new engineers.
Frustrated with cultural and communication issues or poor software quality from an existing vendor.
Growing fast, and looking for a reliable software engineering company to keep up with the pace.
Struggling with engineer turnover and looking to build a long-term relationship with a vendor.
Dissatisfied with the English level and time zone overlap of your existing vendor.



A professional team.
We have and hire, without question, the most proactive, responsible and professional engineers in the business, period. Clients tell us that our engineers are like their own key employees.
Proven customer loyalty.
Our clients don’t leave us. (And the very few that did came back.)
Software engineering company that has your back.
No one handles crisis situations better or responds faster. It’s in our DNA.
People you can (really) talk to.
All our engineers and managers are required to have a high level of English, meaning our clients get to focus on what matters, not how it’s said.
Environment, opposite to the ‘yes’ culture.
If we can see a better way, we say so. We advise our customers and suggest valuable ideas for their business.
Professional development.
Our corporate culture is based on proactivity and employee learning, with full-time English teachers, a corporate university, and training in working with US businesses understanding of global business.
Top talent, available now.
We have access to highly skilled talent through an extensive pool of engineers and 6 technical universities in the cities we’re located in.
Available on our client’s time.
We offer a more convenient time zone compared to Asia, along with effective workflows for managing time zone differences.
Security compliance.
We’re proud of our proven track record in information security compliance.







  • Chris Garbacz
    Chris Garbacz
    Co-founder, StudioNinja


    The solution launched to user praise and minimal bugs. Sombra has adapted to technical challenges and limited resources throughout the partnership. Consistent communication, flexibility, and a willingness to incorporate feedback have enabled a seamlessly integrated workflow.

    Their incredible communication has always stood out. They are always responsive when things are going right or wrong. Sombra also takes responsibility for replacing any team member of theirs that isn’t performing up to standard, which removes a headache for me and allows me to focus on building my own business. They feel like a part of our team. Our relationship has run smoothly since the beginning.

  • Jack Crews
    Jack Crews
    CTO, Legal Monkeys


    Sombra keeps everything simple and prioritizes getting the work done.

    One thing that I was pleased with was that Sombra was able to adapt to and learn our approach to software development. They adopted our best practices and were productive within that development methodology. Overall, the quality of their work is above average.

    I’ve appreciated their focus on doing the work and not on bureaucracy. The administrative side of the work was kept to a minimum, which is something that tends to be quite complicated with other companies.

  • Martin Weber
    Martin Weber
    CTO, Fooring Company


    This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this.

    Sombra is very productive. We’re cranking things out with very little rework needed. We have speed and quality, which is important because the system is live, so if we make a change, it has an immediate effect on our customer base. We’ve managed to work without bringing the system down.

    I’ve outsourced many projects, and none of the shops I’ve been with have been as professional as Sombra. They're extremely professional and proactive, and they have the right kind of attitude. The people they hire are all go-getters; they don’t just sit around. The team is very driven. I can tell that they’re a solid organization.

  • Sloan Ginn
    Sloan Ginn
    Former Director of Product


    Sombra successfully delivered a smooth-functioning product in the time that the client needed. Their developers were competent and receptive to feedback; the team lead, in particular, proved to have great expertise. They were accommodating of large and abrupt changes, making them a reliable partner.

    They delivered what we needed, in the time that we needed. The quality of the code is great; most of it has required very little tweaking at all. They were bug-free from the start, and stylistic changes were knocked out within minutes. They demonstrated an insanely fast turnaround time.

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