Software application price
In software development, the price is of great importance. But at the same time, it’s the most uncertain point. Nine leads out of ten contacting us want to know the exact cost for the development after the first contact.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # December 7, 2018
top b2b service provider
At Sombra, we value our customers’ happiness and nothing make us happier than delivering quality software development-related solutions on time and on budget.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # December 3, 2018
digital transaction
Today, only 8% of the world’s money exists in cash, whereas the remaining 92% exists in electronic form. Digital cash is available only in digital form, which enables an instant transaction through digital communication channels.
#Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 23, 2018
Let’s imagine that you are launching an online store or service and it’s time to choose a billing system. The comfort of customers depends on your choice. So, we decided to help you a little. We all know that PayPal and Stripe are all-time leaders
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # July 13, 2018
Mobile devices already penetrated every sphere of our lives. Financial area is not an exception. We use gadgets when paying bills, lending money and saving for vacations. Financial apps make our life easier by offering excellent benefits, like high-security level, easy access, and free cards.
# Sergii Miakshynov # May 17, 2018
fintech app
A financial sphere is one of the most fragile to penetration business areas as it deals with users’ sensitive information. Since finance services transformed into Fintech, it became even more disposed to invasions.
# Sergii Miakshynov # May 11, 2018
In this article, we decided to discuss the topic of implementing practice management software for small and medium-sized clinics.
# Sergii Miakshynov # December 13, 2017
global tech trends
Technology tends to penetrate every sphere of human life. We are used to gadgets and information technology on an everyday basis. Technological development is an integral part of our work and leisure time.
# Lyudmyla Kyrylyuk # October 20, 2017
founder of CRM for photographers Studio Ninja
Studio Ninja is a project management software for photographers created by Chris Garbacz, wedding photographer, and owner of Epic Photography and Yuan Wang, designer and founder of Yump digital agency.
# Michael Pihosh # October 13, 2017