14 Most Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients

Yana Troianska

September 8, 2017

Nowadays, lack of time is one of the most common problems, but this issue is felt most keenly in business. Here at Sombra, the success of our customers is our core value, and we try our best to offer quality services and strive to save customers’ time.
We understand that all projects are different and each one is unique, but nevertheless, we highlighted 14 common questions based on our previous experience.

1. How does your work process look like?

Our company provides a wide range of services, including web/mobile development and analysis/consulting, but regardless of the project, we recommend starting from MVP (minimum viable product) development. MVP is a technique that aims to build a product with the core functions and make improvements after user feedback.

Our process of work can be divided into three stages:

  • Analysis phase
  • Design phase
  • Development phase

The analysis stage is crucial as it determines all the following stages. During this step, a lot depends on the client because (s)he has to precisely define how (s)he sees the product and what goals and purposes it will have. Meanwhile, our task is to analyze the other players on the market with similar products, determine the target audience, and define the content for potential clients. After gathering and discussing the set of features, we move to the design stage. Designers create a prototype with a few basic designs (for example, a design for the main page), according to the target audience.

In the third stage, the pure magic starts: our developers begin with creating a backlog (list of features). Then slightly go to the project architecture and, finally, to technical documentation. During the entire development time, developers will keep you updated, so you can suggest any changes.

After the product is ready and released, our cooperation is not necessarily over. We are ready to work on your product development and updates and provide needed support.

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2. How long will you be working on my project? What are the stages of work, and how long could each take?

As mentioned above, we care about our customers and strive to minimize their costs and time loss. Therefore, we suggest starting by creating an MVP. We know from past cases that developing an MVP takes 3 to 4 months, but the period can vary from project to project. Before starting the development, we estimate the approximate time of work, considering the level of complexity. Afterward, developers inform you about the duration of the work. If any delays occur, we will inform you immediately as well.

Here are the stages of work with time estimation:

• Analysis – 10%;

• Design: – 5%;

• UX design – 5%;

• UI design – 10%;

• Development – 75%.

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3. What are the costs of developing my app?

Developing an MVP from 3 to 4 months equals $25k-$35k in cash equivalent, but it all depends on the project.

Please keep in mind that here we just showed some rough estimations, which can vary according to the project difficulties and the work that should be done to get the finished product.

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4. I have only an idea of the project. What should I do next?

Having an idea is great, but you have to be ready for a lot of work should be done to get a product out of it. If you consider us a company that will embody your idea, we will first do a business analysis (BA). BA gives us functional specifications which help to connect your business goals with real product development.  Roughly speaking, the functional specification is a document that defines the operations system must perform. Here are some reasons why the specification is helpful:

  • Saving time
  • Budget control
  • Meeting your expectations
  • Better vision

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5. How can I protect my idea from theft?

We understand your concerns about this issue and can assure you that we have the necessary mechanism to avoid such cases. There are two options to protect your intellectual property: either by signing a non-disclosure agreement or the Intellectual Property Agreement. Our company uses both of them to assure our clients that their ideas are safe and we will not steal them or spread them. Our main objective is to build “win-win” relationships.frequently asked questions sombra

6. Can the project price be fixed?

If you prefer to work on a fixed contract, we can consider doing so, but please note that the project price estimation is based on time and effort spent. Every stage of work will be precisely calculated, but we cannot exclude the possibility of unforeseen circumstances which may cause additional costs.

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7. May I get the estimation for the entire project straight away?

We do not recommend making estimations immediately because we cannot consider all aspects at this stage, thereby displaying the real picture. Our experience shows that only 30% of projects are estimated precisely at the initial stages. Of course, we provide our customers with optimistic and pessimistic scenarios considering all possible risks. We have an article related to project estimation and calculating the development price.

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8. Can I count on the maintenance and support of my project?

The Sombra team does its best to ensure our customers receive the most qualified services. We offer our clients two types of support: full- or on-demand – support. We provide full backing if the first version of the project is launched and needs further revision. We provide maintenance on demand when minor errors occur in the finished project.

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9. Do you give any warranties?

We guarantee you to perform all work by the obligations specified in the contract and ensure that you will receive highly skilled services.

10. Can you use a ready-made code for my app?

Our developers can use the ready-made code, but please remember that there can be some risks: it can take a long time to understand the finished code. Also, it may be difficult to understand the domains and components of the code. Therefore, our time estimations will not be accurate.

In case we need to accelerate the work process or cut costs, we can use some open-source services, frameworks, and solutions.

11. Can you start developing my app if I have a ready-made design?

It is good if you already have some mock-ups, but before using them, we have to ensure they are qualitatively executed and can be incorporated into the project. If everything is right, we will use the design and move on to the development. Otherwise, we can either refine the mistakes or suggest what needs a change.

12. Native or cross-platform mobile app development: which one should I choose?

It depends. Firstly, you have to decide what platforms you target. If you have only one targeted platform  (IOS/Android), then definitely use native technologies. In this case, there are several platforms, and cross-platform is your option. When it comes to cross-platforming, our company uses Ionic/Phonegap frameworks. Ionic is the front-end framework for developing mobile apps with HTML5. It allows the creation of native-looking apps for IOS, Android, etc.; simultaneously, it saves money and simplifies developers’ work.

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13. What are your advantages over competitors?

We are a team of more than 250 dedicated professionals, who possess a wide variety of skills and virtues that help get seamless results daily, but here are the distinctive characteristics we perceive as our main advantages:

  • Our main value is a client; we aim to make them happy.
  • We are interested in developing customers’ businesses to their full potential.
  • Whole cooperation with clients is based on transparency, communication, and integrity.
  • We perform deep business analysis before starting work on the project.
  • We are top-rated on UpWork and

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14. Can I expect dedicated work on my project?

We have assembled a team of the most talented young developers around. Our employees are motivated, productive, and highly capable and do their best to make you happy. If something unpredictable happens and we have to change the people on the project or the dates, we inform our clients immediately. Besides, we provide customers with updates on the project, feedback, and discussions. You can be 100% sure your project is in the right hands, and we will make all the necessary efforts (and even more) to unlock the full potential of your project.

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Do not hesitate to ask more

We tried to cover all questions that can occur at any stage of our cooperation, and we hope this article was useful for you. Moreover, we are happy to help if you have anything else to ask or want to know us better.

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