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system measuring Customer Experience

2 Developers,
1 Project Manager

1 year

Java, AngularJS, Twilio API, Stripe API

Customer Experience Management System

Henrik Andersen founded CXM Business Services in 2011 and the company is considered the largest pure-player inside Customer Experience Management. Any customer transaction is associated with an expectation and an experience. CXM Business Services shows the gap, so you can adapt your business.

CXM Business Services delivers software solutions to measure your customers' experiences of your company. Our various solutions all share the feature of feeding into our core system, CXMnow, which calculates a CXM Index for your company. This index can be used to benchmark against your own objectives or the market.

CXM Business Services is one of Europe’s leading companies for analysis and optimization of B2B and B2C CXM/CEM. CXM/CEM includes both the individual experience in a single transaction, as well as the sum of all experiences across all touch points and channels between a customer and a supplier. The rewards of improved CXM is clear, measurable and sustained.

Our goal

We were hired to make a system from scratch including business analysis and development. The system goals are to measure customer experience and to make standards for such statistics.


The project took 4 months of active development and then 1 team member worked 6 months more on support and scaling. The goal was also to provide a scalable system, so that we would be able to add new features constantly, even though they were not included in the initial scope.



We provided an app which measures customer satisfaction by sending SMS’s and emails which can be manually sent by uploading a CSV file with phone numbers or emails and scheduled auto emails. These ways are very customized so that it allows to users work with the system faster and get right to the customer experience index.

  • Henrik Andersen


    Sombra has the capability to translate business understanding into technical language.