Sombra Breakthrough of the Year 2017

Yana Troianska

December 29, 2017

The 2017 year was both notable and challenging for Sombra. We completed another page of our company’s life and would like to share some successes and remarkable moments.

This year our company expanded. We have grown to 80 workers and moved into the middle-sized companies sector. Due to the size change, we took 4th place at the rate of IT employers in Ukraine. Our employees noted the company for working conditions, professional growth and relations inside the company. Also, we are recognized as a top User Experience Design Company on DesignRush.

Our team worked hard, and we were selected as the Best Upwork Agency in the Lviv region in 2017. Also, Sombra was honored to be among the Top Development Companies on Clutch. Important to add that company took a serious step and decided to narrow the direction of work. Now we aim to move to more specific areas, like FinTech and HealthTech. We changed our direction, but we still focus on a narrow set of technologies (Java, Front-end, PhoneGap), which allows us to do our work efficiently and sustain rapid development.

Sombra team thanks our clients, partners, and IT community members who supported and worked with us side by side.

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