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Dashboard Web Reporting System eCommerce industry

2 Developers,
1 Project Manager

25 months

Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Apache POI, Google Analytics API, HTML5/CSS3/JS and other

Dashboard Web Reporting System

One of the biggest marketing agencies for the eCommerce industry in South America decided to give more value for their users by automating their analytics and reports, in order to increase their profitability. Such a solution would help our customer to be ahead of competitors and make their users more satisfied.They came to us with an idea of creating a small solution for internal usage with a possibility to show results to their customer. However, they had big plans for the product.

Our goal

We were tasked to create a web system which will help two types of stakeholders: our customer (as superadmin) to save their employees’ time which they spent on manual work as well as their users’ time by preparing concrete graphical reports which users need to analyze their business. The plan was to start from a MVP and add new features continuously.



From the very beginning we started from planning architecture and common modules like login, admin features and proceeded with most important features for the MVP which were: integration with Google Analytics, exporting .pdf and .xls documents, importing .xls and .csv documents, setting goals and highlighting data on 20 different charts and tables. Those features were enough to involve first users of SaaS as well as successfully present a solution at a National Expo.

After the MVP went live we proceeded with the next portion of modules which mainly included new types of analytics with 20 additional charts and tables, different types of users (superadmin, company, user), superadmin panel, email reports and integration with 3 ERP and eCommerce systems.

Also, at this point the look of the product was slightly changed. Our customer managed to involve new users and present his solution during a few more expos and fairs.
Dashboard Web Reporting System eCommerce industry
Dashboard Web Reporting System eCommerce industry
After the product was totally production ready we were mainly adding new features like Magento and other integrations and customized the Dashboard for certain users who wished to have extra features (funnel, special charts and tables with their own calculations). Also, support was being done by our team at that point.