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Finance businesses platform

1 Back-end developer

4 months

Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, MySQL, Apache POI, AngularJs, Bootstrap, Metronics UI

Finance Planning and Analyzing Platform for Businesses

OnCFO is a modular financial platform providing functionality such as budgeting, forecasting, KPI tracking, dashboarding, commission management, and cap table management. OnCFO replaces the majority of XL-based sheets, templates and models for SMBs (<$50M ARR).

The platform features a financial planning & analysis platform that uses 100% Excel syntax to ensure maximum ease of use. It provides executives with much greater visibility into their core business dynamics and allows them to benchmark their assumptions and KPIs.

The platform generates better visibility, sharing charting and BI than most early to mid-stage companies have access to today. OnCFO customers can choose from over 100 pre-built planning apps from the Module Library, or easily build their own modules.

Our goal

Our goal was to create a platform with a marketplace where businesses can efficiently access and manage high quality and on-demand finance experts. The marketplace allows business executives to gain the advantage of seasoned finance professionals without hiring FTEs.


We had to proceed document flow as such: uploading Excel files, distinguish financial modules from nested modules and their metadata by parsing the excel document using Apache POI, and calculate all needed module information and store the results into a db.



Basically, we had to make an engine which executes some of the excel based formulas and arithmetic formulas of all levels of complexity despite the logical operations order, priority and other factors. In addition, we implemented an excel-like grid on the UI side for online calculating which works with most of the shortcuts/events that the excel engine does.

  • David Greenbaum
    David Greenbaum
    Founder, OnCFO


    It was a pleasure to work with Mykhailo and the Sombra team. They are a dedicated group of engineers and work hard to deliver timely results. Thanks Sombra.