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1 Project manager
1 Front-end
1 Back-end
1 Tester

6 months

Angular 2, Java 8

Marketing Platform for Sending Anonymous Gifts

Riditti is a marketing platform that enables to send anonymous gifts, mostly flowers. Usually, the platform is used to increase marketing performance, increase recognition and expand the customer base.

Our goal

The main goal of this project was to create a platform that will help to improve marketing campaigns. Through the platform, companies can order an anonymous gift for their potential customers. The sender identity can be disclosed after the using the promotional code, which is delivered with the gift. So the company achieves the effect of secrecy, prompting the buyer to do everything to find out the name of the mysterious sender.


Our team started to work on the Riditti when there already was some code ready. The code was fine, but there were some bad configurations, which we could detect only after the deployment.



The issue was critical as the platform was already in use, therefore we should solve it as quick as possible. In order to fix this issue, we had to change the whole configuration in order to eliminate critical bags. It was tricky as we have to react instantly and set crucial parts of configuration in a very short time. Fortunately, thanks to the professionalism of our team and rapid reaction, we managed to overcome the difficulties and avoid the breakdown of project deployment. 

riditti marketing platform
The process of using the platform is very simple. Every user can register using the registration form on the site. After that user gets the access to a personal cabinet, where (s)he has the opportunity to create a promotional campaign, choose the gift and send the order to a delivery firm. Along with the gift, a person receives promo-code that help to find out who was the sender.
The process of using the platform is very simple