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MVP application and user interface for AI-powered CRM cover image

2 full-stack developers

1 month

Java 8, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Apache POI, React.js, Redux.js, Babel ES6, AWS S3, Nginx, Elastic Load Balancer

MVP application and user interface for AI-powered CRM

Our client is a leading front-office software provider for SMB in the United States. The company offers AI-powered CRM solution helping business owners monitor their operations, manage integrated payments and automate marketing activities.

Some of its services company sells to merchants via partner companies. To streamline these sales, our client intended to create a portal where partners can view their merchant information and take actions.

Since previous contractors were not able to deliver on time, the customer hired us to implement the project. The project consisted of 2 phases, where Phase 1 has to be ready in 5 days for the partners meeting. We were forced to operate under a tight deadline to deliver Phase 1 without breaking the deadline.

Our goal

We pursued the goal to complete Phase 1 on time and deliver robust MVP following a technical design customer suggested. The system should allow our customer to transform sales and streamline cooperation with partners. 


Time restriction was the main challenge our team encountered. We have had 5 days for Phase 1, which involved the development of basic functionality, and one month for Phase 2, when we should improve the system and add minor functions.

By focusing only on this project and working extra hours our team was able to meet a deadline and develop MVP based on technical design. Also, we engaged our top-notch full-stack developers to avoid time gaps between front-end and back-end development.

Solution delivered

Sombra team created a system,  where the company’s partners can manage their cooperation with merchants. MVP application incorporates:

  • form for merchants management, where users can add merchants to their list
  • dashboard with a paginated list of merchants, filterable and sortable
  • file uploader with merchant details

To deliver an effective system, our team has used the technologies that have allowed to build a reliable viable system in the shortest possible time. Working off UI mockups, our developers constructed both the front- and backend of an application. We utilized React and Java to transform the UI mockups into a finished product.

  • Sloan Ginn
    Former Director of Product,


    They delivered what we needed, in the time that we needed. The quality of the code is great; most of it has required very little tweaking at all. They were bug-free from the start, and stylistic changes were knocked out within minutes. They demonstrated an insanely fast turnaround time.