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Personal finance management tool

2 Developers,
1 Project Manager

3 months

Angular Material, AngularJS, Gulp, ES

Personal Finance Manager-Application

The client hired us for building a money management tool which can help to organize money transactions in one place.
The system enables to overview personal spending, see opportunities to save budget and to achieve your financial goals.
We were able to create a solution that just in a few clicks can create budgets users can stick to.

Our goal

Our team set a goal to develop a convenient system for reporting incomes and expenses. Also, we wanted to make sure that all financial transactions are under control and that it is easy to maintain statistics at different times.


The main problem we encountered was the process of automatically creating transactions. It was challenging to adjust the process of creating transactions according to a certain period.

Besides, there were some difficulties with the formation of the necessary information for plotting statistics.



Using the scheduler we created an algorithm for creating transactions by days, weeks, months. Every day, the information was checked for transaction periods. For example, for monthly transactions system verifying whether the previous transaction was made a month ago, in case it’s true, transaction repeats. The same process was performed for days, weeks, years periods.
Statistics charts should display information in a particular format. Difficulties have arisen with grouping statistic information and filter it by type, category, periodicity. Our development team come up with the suitable algorithm to solve this problem.

Top three features are:

  • Statistics indication
  • Logging in via social networks
  • Ability to group all revenues and expenses by category
Personal finance management tool