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macbook gold

1 backend developer

1 module 2-3 months

Spring Boot, Spring Security + JWT + Auth0, Hibernate, MySQL, FreeMarker, IText, JUnit.

Sales Platform for Insurance Carriers

BenRevo is a platform that allows insurance carriers automate their sales process by providing modern tools to their distribution channel. We worked on RFP creating which has to simplify the process of sending requests.

Our goal

The main goal was an automatization of the RFP process for every party involved. Founders had a vision of the SaaS platform that connects with large (medical) insurance carriers and automates their distribution process with brokers and employers, reducing errors and inconsistencies.


Our developer worked on a new module on BenRevo. Therefore, the biggest challenge was to integrate it into an existing system and do not destroy what has already been created before.



To solve the problem we decided to built a general spring module that combines contexts from each module into a common one. Such solution allowed to use the code from already existing modules, without the threat of data loss.

Top three features are:

  • Automated RFP  in pdf format
  • Automated email to clients
  • Questionnaires
BenRevo insurance platform