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3 Full Stack Developers

4 years

Angular JS, Bootstrap, Spring Boot

Staff Augmentation for Healthcare Communications Solution Provider

The Australian company - provider of medical solutions, hired us to implement their project for hospitals. We worked on building a Nurse call system and database for medical institutions.

Our goal

The aim of this project was to create effective solutions that would bring value and quality to medical services.


The client designs, manufactures, installs and supports essential communications technology for acute and aged care. We’ve assisted the client with the microservices of the system. Our team of developers handled the front-end work of the microservices infrastructure. This included the user interface of the microservices. We helped them to develop 3 main projects:

  • Critical Messaging System (CMS)

This system contains a database of hospitals, rooms, devices, and all related information. Also, it uses native integration to allow patients to reach nurses by calling, email, SMS, Android App, Spectralink (including Pivot), FIP, CCTV and access control. It allows management to receive important messages that relate to the daily operations of the hospital thereby providing an immediate response to important issues.

The system was built using a micro-service approach. Such an approach provided rapid development and easier maintenance for big projects. Moreover,  the micro-services approach allowed reducing the number of errors, which is especially important in the healthcare sector.

  • Annunciator (Nurse call system)

We were able to develop an annunciator high definition type screen through Angular with a lot of graphics and rendering. An annunciator is a software for real-time monitors in hospitals that shows urgent calls of patients to nurses etc. The annunciator was then interfaced with the existing system.

This system is flexible and fast, which is very important for hospital programs because they serve as the communication link between patients and nurses. 

The system is easily integrated with different legacy systems and has an intuitive design. Spare parts are available for Austco, Questek, Xacom, Gladstone and Sedco systems.

  • Licensing service

This service was used as the “under-the-hood” of the above systems to ensure that customers are using licensed software. This service was issuing licenses and checked their validity when requested from the above applications installed in customer environments.

The Challenges

1. Critical Messaging System (CMS): our developers soon discovered that the entire codebase could be substantially refactored and improved to address issues related to expanding functionality and complexity of the system. The problem was caused by the fact that much of the data was hard-coded and thus very hard and bug-prone to be reused correctly. After the refactoring was completed, the speed of adding new features had significantly increased.

2. Annunciator Project (Nurse call system): this software relied significantly on WebSockets technology for communication which was working perfectly except for one client, where it simply returned the incorrect status. Our developer managed to solve this issue remotely just in time before our customer’s representative arrived at the client’s office to investigate the problem. The problem occurred due to the fact that the client used proxying which didn’t let WebSocket requests through.

3. Licensing Service: a number of issues arose relating to the correct way of securing the license-issuing service from a cryptographic point of view.

  • Technical Director


    Every project they’ve worked on always gets really positive feedback from the clients that are utilizing our solution.

    When it comes to the user interface layer, our clients say it's a very easy product to use and operate. Across the different types of user tiers, they’re able to use the interface without any issues. I guess that in turn is a nod towards Sombra's work.

    The quality of work has been second to none. We've actually had their code reviewed by third parties for comments on structure knowledge of Javascript, and it's all come back with five stars.

    Their team has this sort of magic formula. All the guys on their teams have this really positive attitude that creates a good team environment.