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1 Front End Developer
1 Back end Developer
1 Designer
1 Project Manager

oct. 2019 - ongoing

JavaScript, Firebase, Firebase cloud functions, Firestrore, React, React styled components, Stripe integration, Node.js

Web application for tracking learning process in online education

We’ve developed a web application for tracking learning process for a company offering educational services in the UK. Our platform has been designed to allow pub operators to maintain bartenders engagement and increase their professional skills.


Initially, our client developed a mobile application offering educational sessions for bartenders. Sessions included challenges, videos and exercise, where bartenders could enhance their beer and cider knowledge.

The app was more as a source of video content than a full-fledged learning platform. However, to sell the app to the target audience - pub operators, our client has to make the app respond to operators needs.

Therefore, the client decided to build a web-based management system for pub owners. It should allow operators to manage the learning progress, while the mobile application will be used solely as a tool for bartenders. Sombra was hired for this work.

Our goal

We aimed to create a web-based system that allows operators to optimize the learning process for bartenders. The web application has to be in line with a mobile application in terms of functionality and design.

We had to implement an iterative development process that allows our client to test quickly his business approaches and search for further investment through demo.


Project overview 

Our team created a learning platform, where pub owners can manage their employees’ learning progress and employees can increase their skills. Web application incorporates:

  • form for employees management, where owners can invite bartenders to start the learning process 
  • form for self-registration for pub managers, where they can buy subscription based on their employees’ number 
  • dashboard with a paginated list of learners
  • dashboard with a paginated list of pubs under one pub owner, filterable and sortable


The tech stack was predefined by the customer, but we were responsible for the design concept and web application development. 

Design concept 

Our design team conducted several workshops to gather information from potential stakeholders. Thanks to this step, we developed a customer journey map and UX prototypes to make sure there are no gaps in the customer experience and it is seamless across all touchpoints.

User flows 

We worked on the onboarding and dashboard flow to ensure intuitive and smooth user’s journey for new onboarded managers. It helps managers to obtain the statistics about learners, pub managers, pubs via a web app, therefore makes them more confident in their everyday decisions.


The client decided to use a subscription model for selling purposes, therefore we had to incorporate subscription functionality into the system. Since the mobile application didn’t have payment options, we’ve developed payments from scratch. We integrated a web application with Stripe payment system and set up a subscription model with different options depending on the number of employees. 

Progress tracking 

Pub operators can register several pubs under one account with the ability to track the progress of every employee. Owners have access to employees registration data, last access and course completion process.



Key features

  • Tracking learners activity and progress. Pub owner tracks how employees learn and can follow their progress.
  • Subscription management. Add and remove learners, send invites by email and sms.
  • Creation and cancelling a subscription. Self-registration for pub owners and self-deactivation of the account.




Pub Manager - User Account - Adding Pub

“Makes the learning experience super easy” – one of the users posted this comment.  It is the best results for us.