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CRM for energy audits

5 Developers
1 Project Manager

3 months

AngularJS, Spring

CRM for Energy Audit Company

Envision is a CRM that provides users with energy audits of different places. The system allows to calculate current energy consumption and provides with simplified energy solutions allowing to reduce energy costs.

Our goal

We set a goal to deliver a product that is understandable and seamless in terms of functionality. Also, our team should preserve the density and complexity of the data and to provide an adequate level of security.


This project was easy and understandable for our team as we already had an experience with CRM development. Although, we were challenged with the task of generating PDF files from predefined templates using custom fonts.



The system is designed to conduct an audit of every resource, but our team contributed only to energy module. This section enables a user to fill out a form with various inputs relating to existing equipment:

• type and quantity of bulbs

• input Watts

• operating hours

• fixture type

The system performs energy audit based on entered data and provides the user with a full report. The report can be downloaded in the PDF format. Additionally, the system offers energy conservation tips, displays charts of energy usage.

This section allows users to perform energy efficiency audits through a step-by-step form by entering inventory information, selecting proposed upgrades and ultimately auto-generating proposals.

Top three features are:

• conducting the audits

• generating PDF files

• displaying statistics and charts